LED Traffic Lights – The Real Life Savers


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Traffic lights are very common in built up areas and are a very effective way to control the flow of traffic at intersections. They give the traffic clear and simple instructions as to how to behave – who should proceed and who should stop. The only time you really need to show skill and judgment is when turning right at the traffic lights because unless there is a filter arrow showing, you have to give priority to oncoming vehicles. So in theory, junctions controlled by traffic lights should be the easiest type of intersection for learner drivers to deal with.

LED Traffic Light module has been developed with state of art technologies to provide following advantages.

1) Hour wise and day wise sequences in a week.

• Provision to program hour wise in a day and day wise in a week sequences to suit the traffic variations in a junction.

• Provision to program 20 holiday sequences.

2) Synchronization between the junctions.

• Possibility to maintain the synchronized sequences in a series of junctions for a given speed between the junctions.

The red traffic LED light represents restraint and it informs us to stop immediately. When we see red we understand that if we proceed we may end up causing a major accident. Many of us complain about being stuck at red lights as we are always in a rush to get to our destinations. Those of us that use red lights effectively take the opportunity to reflect on life.

The yellow light tells us to slow down. It gives us the opportunity to analyze the intersection and act accordingly. Many of us fail to listen to the yellow lights’ message and we speed right through them.

There is nothing like the green light. It informs us that we are good to go and we are able to continue our journeys uninterrupted. Green lights come in a wide variety of forms yet their message remains consistent: Keep on pushing.

Every time you see a traffic light reminds yourself to obey the signals in your life: Stop when you are harming yourself, slow down to plan strategically and go when life presents opportunities.

The LED traffic light manufacturers have really brought a revolution to the traffic industry with their latest advancement in LED technology. Today it is easy to buy traffic light core, module and controller at an affordable price but only when you shop online rather offline.

LED Arrow Boards Are The Ultimate Direction Finder


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You must have come across arrow signs used in most of the places of your town or city. These signs carry great importance when it comes to finding direction.

Nonetheless, in marketing or advertising business arrow signs also carry great importance. These signs guides customers towards your business and also give them a perfect idea of what you are actually dealing with. Today sign boards are employed as directional tool for road riders with well written messages.

Arrow signs are designed concerning the distance from which they will be viewed. A driver passing by the road has a very little time to read the minute details printed and the fleeting glimpse can only leave a vague imprint of color, tags or logo. Companies, which are very peculiar to their logo and corporate branding, are using their company flags as to differentiate arrow signs. Companies also use subtexts to put their positioning statement on. Arrow signs can also be customized according to the company requirements.

Not just marketing, arrow signs are also today used in communicating traffic. Today you can easily come across LED arrow board installed in most of the intersection of your city. These signs actually help the drivers and general walkers to get the direction to their actual destination. Arrow sign used in traffic LED lamp also direct drivers whether to leave or stop at the traffic.

The use of LED is actually everywhere from the bus stop to the railway station. They are working as a wonderful tool – be it to attract customer or manage the flow of traffic in an efficient manner. Traffic light lamp lighten by LED actually saves quite a lot of money. Since LEDs are quite durable and environment-friendly they don’t produce any kinds of toxins to the environment and last for years without any expensive maintenance. Furthermore LEDs used in traffic signal light produce better illumination than traditional form of lighting. They send a clear message to the drivers and other road users when to stop and cross the junction.

Today, it is quite easy to come across many LED suppliers but choosing the right one is always essential to make sure you get the right product at the right price. Some time spent over the internet can make sure you get in touch with the right service provider from the very first attempt. So, activate your internet and look for a supplier who can offer you a great deal on LED products.

LED Lights Are The Future Of Advanced Traffic Lighting


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The traffic lights were meant to allow right of way to the vehicular traffic alternately to different directions. The simple system gave a cue to the drivers when to stop and when to proceed. But in places where the traffic was heavy, the pedestrians found it difficult to cross. The crossing paths across road junctions were painted in black and white stripes for the pedestrians to walk. On this strip, called the Zebra Crossing, the vehicles had to stop to give right of way to the walkers. But where the pedestrians were numerous they had a time slot of their own with “Walk” / “Don’t Walk” lights at pedestrian crossings.

There is a wide diversity of various LED lights currently available on the market. They come in different sizes and shapes and of course, they are used for many different purposes. LED lights are designed with some resistors and they can be used as high power lights for the most robust operations. The types of LED lights you can choose from range between 1W up to 3W wireless LED remote controllers, LEDs with resistor and wire, LED strips, LED sign boards and many more. Today you can see LED traffic signs are widely used in many countries including India, China, USA and others. Because these lights will not consume too much energy power, they are very economical and you can afford to use many of them for different uses. They are definitely better to use than the traditional bulbs because they will not heat as quickly as traditional bulbs. They will last a longer time for the same reason and thus they are a cost-effective option.

Best Features of Traffic Signals LED:

• 10 years of life

• Intensity can be controlled

• Operates in high temperatures

• Long Visibility

• 5 watts usage

• Powered using solar panels

• Low output degradation

• Even and constant light output

• Available in 300 mm &200 mm

Though LED’s have a higher purchase price, they save money in lifetime operating expenses. According to one study, the initial cost of a typical LED traffic signal ball was around $70 compared to an incandescent signal at $20. When energy use and maintenance costs were added, the total lifetime operating costs of LED lights were approximately one-third that of incandescent signals. Today mini traffic lights made of LED are in heavy use at small junctions of most of the country. The cost saving and environment saving aspects of LED have made them a prime choice for traffic lighting.

Traffic Light Controllers Are The Best Way To Prevent Mishaps In Road



The red traffic light is the simplest of instruction in our life. As soon as you see it, the body reacts automatically. There are many types of traffic lights to guide cars and pedestrians on the road. What would the World be like without the red light? It would be in complete chaos. The simple invention has brought so much order and safety to the civilized World!

Traffic lights could be the one you angry at when you are in hurry but you have to obey the rules. All countries have traffic light controller, but the rules and the arrangement of the lights are sometimes different.

The term “traffic control” itself varies in many countries. Some call it traffic lamps, and others call it stoplights, traffic signals, robots, traffic signals, etc. No matter what terms people use to name this device, they always refer to signaling devices function to control competing flows of traffic which are positioned at pedestrian crossings and road intersections.

The meaning of these three lights is the same in many countries. The red prohibits drivers to make any moves with the vehicles, the amber alerts drivers to get ready to stop until the red light turns on, and the green allows traffic to proceed in the direction denoted.

The length of each light to turn on is different. The amber light has the shortest time as it just functions to alert drivers to be ready to stop. It usually takes 3 to 5 seconds. On the other hand, the time for the red and green light is longer, and it depends on a road density. If a road has high traffic flow, the red light can take up to 90 seconds while the green only takes one-third or even less.

Until now, there are many traffic violations that happen every day. For extreme cases, it even causes accident, as some drivers usually speed up when the amber light turns on. They crash the vehicles in front of them who have already stopped and. It is all caused by lack of disciplines in riders’ mind.

The role of traffic signal controller. is invaluable in many circumstances. However, today with the introduction of LED traffic signal control things have turned out to be much easier than ever before. Traffic signals made of LED are so effective and durable compared to their incandescent counterparts. They last 10 times more than the traditional form of traffic lighting.

Led Countdown Timers Are Blessing In Disguise For Pedestrians And Motorists



I refer to the digital monitors at a rising number of intersection that count down the seconds until the lights of traffic turns to yellow from green. They aid motorists or drivers approaching a corner decide if to slow themselves in expectation of stopping or to sustain a velocity secure in the knowledge that the lamp won’t be red when they get into the intersection.

With LED countdown timers, motorists don’t need to make that split second choice when a green light suddenly became yellow.

Well, traffic countdown timers are helpful accessory to improve safety & reduce unwanted behavior of the motorists as well as other road users. They show the time remaining until green or red phase and therefore constructively contribute to superior orientation & less riskier act of all drivers and road users at junctions.

For example, timer countdown at red light warn drivers how much time is left prior to the light changes can assist to ease out traffic flow. It was discovered that the existence of the LED countdown meters at the junction would assist to decrease the start-up lost time at the starting of the green light by 22 percent and reduce the number of red-light violation throughout the starting of the red phase by 50 percent.

Besides that, more than half of the drivers accounted that the countdown timers assist to ease out the annoyance sourced by stopping for unknown amount of time throughout the red signal. A research has also demonstrated that following a phase of 30-45 seconds of hanging around, walkers become more impatient & were more expected to cross whenever they could in spite of the walker signal displays. These risk acts can be terminated by the existence of LED traffic countdown timer as pedestrians are conscious of how much time is left to cross the road.

Led Gas Sign & Traffic Signs Are In Rise Today


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An electronic device that is used as a very effective light source is known as light emitting diode or LEDs. These diodes are used to make up a video display which is known as LED display. LEDs are used in everyday devices ranging from remote control to traffic lights. LED display is also used in store signs and billboards. You can also find LED gas sign in most of the gas stations of your town or city.

If you work in virtually any form of retail, the chances are good that you keep big ticket items inside some sort of display case. Whether you sell cell phones, iPods, jewelry, or baked goods, a display case is simply a great way to showcase your items without leaving them vulnerable to theft, fingerprints, or the hands, of excited and unattended children. But if your cases do not have the right quality lighting, you may very well be losing out on significant sales. Believe it or not, the right lights in your case can actually help make your items more appealing to consumers. That is why LED display case lighting is so highly recommended. Furthermore, LED gas price display are highly used has station owners as they bring customers from the road.

Most of us will have seen hundreds if not thousands of LED display signs during our day to day lives, especially if we live or work in cities or large metropolitan areas. Since their development in 1978, LED display signs have grown more and more common, which is a strong testament to their versatility and effectiveness. LED display signs are composed of a given number of LED panels. Today you can even notice traffic LED signs that are widely in use at most of the junctions of your city or town.

Savvy business owners are the ones who understand that in order to make money they need to invest an effort into bringing in new customers. An LED display sign is a perfect way to do just that. There is no limit to what you can offer, promote, sell, and publicize on your new outdoor LED video display. An LED display can be a wise investment for many businesses as a cost-effective and versatile advertising medium. LED displays are also eco-friendly additions to traditional signs and business markers.

So don’t waste your time behind traditional form of lighting rather switch to LED and see how your business flourishes in less time period.

How LED Signage Work? Know The Basics



Have you ever though how LED signage work, but could not comprehend all the technicalities that majority of the LED signage firms use to explain them? Do need to be worried! It is not that tough as you used to believe.

Fundamentally, LED signage only have a small number of machinery that operate their system & once you comprehend them you will become an expert when making your own LED sign purchase.

LEDs are small lights that can fit easily into an electric circuit. They are specially built to outwardly transmit a considerable number of photons. Although they’re housed inside a plastic lamp that emphasizes the illumination in a specific direction, not like typical lamps, LED lights don’t have filaments that burn out or get unbelievably hot. They’re absolutely lightened by the progress of electrons inside a semiconductor substance, and have the capability to survive just as long as any normal transistor.

The LED display signage is a built-in display unit, which unites microelectronic technology, computer technology, photonic technology and info processing technology. It is also the type of monitor which’s employed to demonstrate graphics, text, cartoons, images, videos and other info.

What are the normal components of LED signs?

LED Module: Well, Modules are composed of LED, PCB, IC, resistors, capacitors, connectors, covers and other components by special techniques Modules have matrix of 8×8, 8×16, 16×16, 16×32 and so on, and the corresponding pixels are 64/128/256/512. Pixel pitch is the distance between two adjacent pixels from the center point, such as PH4.75, PH6, PH10, PH16, PH20, and so on. You can see modules are extensively used in LED traffic signal heads for better reflection of lights. Well, led module traffic signals are in demand today due to their wonderful functionality in terms of guiding the walkers and drivers on the road.

LED Cabinet: Modules, switching, power supplies, fans as well as other components assemble cabinet. Cabinets have spec. of 4:3, 16:9 and so on. They can be personalized according to customers’ need, and can also be made by standard specification. The cabinet is made for the simplicity of Maintenance & improving the dependability.

LED Display: Well, LED displays are assembled by modules or cabinets, receiving power supply, adapter and the screen frame.

So, by now you should have a basic idea of how led signs work and any general specifics should have been covered above. If you are not sure yet, ask any expert for their help.

LED Gas Price Signs Are A Better Way To Attract Customers To The Gas Station


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LED message signage has turned out to be a really admired marketing tool among the retailers of late. The technology behind them has existed for many years, but innovative retailers are now exploring more creative ways to make use of them to develop their businesses. LED signs actually give retailers great flexibility. The most common downside of using conventional sign is that every time a sale changes or a vacation comes & goes, the sign need to be changed. So, retailers either discover themselves pilling up a ton of signage that are hardly come to action, or have to buy new sign for each promotion & holiday as they approaches. LED sign enables retailers or merchants to have 1 signage that works throughout the year, even for specialty promotions.Especial for gas stations LED price signs have turned out to be a very useful option as the fuel rate tends to vary from one day to another. Today you can easily come across a number of gas stations using LED gas price display for better customer service and not to say help their staff eventually.

Seasonal promotions, sales price, marketing messages & any other info retailers wish to converse to their consumers can be controlled via one-in-store LED signage. Whereas fixed sign is still a suggested marketing tool, merchants can reduce the amount they require & save cash in the long run. LED signage are effortless to program, employing either a remote control, which’s integrated, or a plan software unit that can be installed to a computer. Merchants must employ the signage to harmonize accessible marketing strategies and also seasonal promotions already advertised in store & in consumer communication units like sales flyers.

Apart from LED gas price sign, Led signs are also helpful in non retail service ambiance encompassing hair & nail salons, fitness centers and restaurants. Business holders must take benefit of the essential aspects of LED signage to make the most of their business. Innovative message transitions, such as text scroll, will grab the attention of consumers more readily compared to a typical signage. Experiment with the features of the sign to deliver a powerful message in the most appealing way. Creativity goes a long way toward success with LED signage.

Today you can easily buy LED signage online as a great number of retailers offering their services online. Shopping online also gives you the chance to save big if you purchase in bulk amount.

LED Traffic Warning Lights – Act As A True Rescuer During Emergency


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Having non-functional warning lights can certainly make a huge difference to the security staff striving to handle the situation & for public close to the emergency areas. LED traffic warning lights can aid the security workers in various ways to guide the public, keep them safe and work during the emergency event.

The utilization of LED lamps have made it feasible for the traffic warning signals to last long without the risk of burning out, or exhausting the batteries. They’re also accessible in a variety of colors, which runs well in transmitting the emergency circumstance to the public.

Well, the most usual amalgamation of LED traffic warning signs you come across daily is the red, green and yellow. Beside these colors, there are also white & amber color used in emergency vehicles such as ambulances, fire trucks, towing trucks and construction vehicles. Emergency vehicles aren’t just the ones that need warning lights. Personal automobiles that belong to emergency response team volunteers also have to be furnished with emergency light when they’re acting to emergency events. They’re not permitted to have permanent set of warning lamps on their vehicles, but they can carry the lamps & install them when they’ve to go through heavy traffic areas, to the emergency areas. Green lights are employed to request the right of way while navigating via heavy traffic areas, whereas red & other colors demand the right of way & are employed by high profile emergency vehicles.

Having LED warning lights that can be stored is a great idea, since it gives the freedom to the security personnel to use depending upon the need of the hour. More sophisticated options like full-sized light bars are also of great use when it comes to dealing with the heavy traffic in emergency areas. Light bars come with in-built traffic advisers, which can have different shapes like arrows in discernible flashing patterns. They can direct the traffic in definite diversions that can suit the emergency situation, and help the emergency response teams to work better without confusion.

Today LED warning signs are also accessible in the form of deck lights and dash lights. Dash lights can be fixed on the front and back of the vehicles, which boost the visibility in the emergency area. Deck lights and dash lights can be also used as hand-held lights when the security staff require to survey in the emergency area on foot.

LED Traffic Lights – Ultimate Energy Saver


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LED lighting technology has turned out to be the next generation technology which features several advantages to not just consumer for home lighting, but also businesses and the traffic signal lights industry. Gone are the days when you only have to depend on fluorescent or incandescent lighting. LED lights come with various benefits including higher energy efficiency, low power usage, low maintenance expenses, longer lifetime, durability and brighter lighting compared to typical fluorescent lighting.

Fluorescent lighting features toxic substances, for example mercury which is injurious to the human body and atmosphere. You probably don’t know that if you break or drop a fluorescent lamp you should leave the for at least four hours, because of the toxic substances floating in the air, which may prompt respiratory injury, or Asthma in the long run for personnel who’ve to deal with these fixtures regularly.

Though fluorescent lighting is more power effective than conventional incandescent lighting, it’s still a power wasting monster when compared to LED lighting. That is why today you can see LED traffic lights at most of the junctions of your city. For business who are experiencing considerable electric bill, changing to LED could cut their power bill by half, while still maintaining all the brightness, and no fluorescent flickering whatsoever.

Even with the most advanced state of the art CFLs, fluorescent lighting accounts for a high percentage in existing lighting all over the world, switching from fluorescent lighting into LED lighting can greatly reduce the global lighting power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Now let’s do some detailed analysis to compare LED and fluorescent lighting, and there is no doubt that LED will defeat fluorescent lighting.

Today, you can see LED lights almost everywhere from railway station to retail outlets. You can see the massive use LEDs, especially in the traffic industry. Traffic signal lights made from LEDs are proving to be very cost effective and environment friendly. Most of the countries worldwide have adapted the LED technology to save energy and save the environment. The best thing about LED traffic signal is they last long, hence saves your city from replacement and maintenance expenses. The brighter intensity of LED also help driver and passersby avoid any mishap on the road.

Go green and be eco-friendly with LED lighting, and don’t forget to properly dispose of CFL lights in a sealed garbage bag. Deal with the most reputed LED manufacturers only.