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traffic warning lightHave you ever noticed the traffic signal closely? If so, then look at the traffic lights next time when you stand in the signal. It is because the majority of traffic signals transformed to LED lights now. LEDs provide amazing deals of advantages to the users from all the spectrums. When it comes to traffic lights, LEDs are definitely a boon due to its diverse range of benefits when compared to traditional lights.

Things make LED traffic light a perfect option

At present, the super bright LED bulbs have replaced the place of incandescent lamps as the traffic warning light, traffic lights, and sign lights throughout the world. When compared to incandescent lamps, the LED traffic light has several benefits such as long lifespan, low power consumption, and higher brightness. These things make traffic led light as the ideal and best light source for the traffic signal lighting.

Benefits of using LED light over traditional lights

The usage of LED is not limited to traffic signal lights but also the led traffic warning light and signboard because of the following reasons.

• LED traffic lights can able to maintain good performance and visibility even in the harsh weather conditions such as heavy rain and dust.

• Since it emits monochromatic light, it does not need a color film to produce green, yellow, and red color signal. Additionally, the light emitted by the LED has some divergence directive and angle that can be used in the place of the conventional signal spherical mirrors. This feature fixes the problem of phantom and color film fading

• One of the biggest benefits of using LED in the traffic light is lower power consumption. This makes big sense in the lighting application. It also provides 100% LED excitation energy as the visible light over incandescent bulbs.

• Since LED is driven by the electrical energy into light directly, it generates low heat. As the result, the cooled surface of LED signal offers a longer lifespan and even protects people to avoid burns during maintenance

• The LED brightness makes the driver easier to see the signal from the long distance so that it improves overall safety, particularly in the challenging


• LED lights are highly energy efficient so that it does not fall under repair often. You need not spend money on bulb replacement often. Thus, you will enjoy the increased lifespan and improved performance.