traffic countdown timerThe traffic signal countdown timer is one of the affordable ways to enhance the safety at the signalized intersections. The countdown timer can be classified into three types such as the large junction, small-sized junction, and pedestrian crossing. The display blinks for five to ten seconds at the end of the balance that helps to alert the vehicles and it comes with the standard Traffic Controllers. The led countdown timer is available in different colors such as red, red-yellow-green and green-red. The reputed suppliers offer the different size of the countdown timer so you can pick right one which suits your needs and budget.

Find best led single countdown timer manufacture

In the modern world, the traffic countdown timer is used in the different places such as large junction, small sized junction, pedestrian crossing, and others. Nowadays, there is the broad range of the traffic signal countdown timer manufacturers available in the market. You try to choose the leading manufacturer to purchase the high-quality products at the affordable price.

When you are selecting the traffic signal countdown timer manufacturer you should consider the various factors such as company reputation, product cost, the variety of product, client review and others. It helps you to find best one to buy the traffic signal countdown timer. They use high-quality material like Aluminum, polycarbonate, Cold-rolled iron and others to manufacture the product that provides the long durability.

Features of traffic countdown timer

• It is easily visible from the distance of more than 100 meters

• It offers high efficiency and visibility

• It has great durability

• The countable timer is simple to maintenance

• Low power consumption

• The display blinks for three to five seconds at the end of the balance time

Benefits of traffic signal countdown timer

The timer countdown is used to improve the safety of drivers, pedestrian, and others. The countdown timer at the red light warning the drives that they left before the changes of light can help to the traffic flow. It indicates the time remaining of green or red phase. The countdown timer is the digital display that indicates the remaining time for the next signal changes. It is installed with the traffic signal light for the motorist to get a lot of the details on the left of time for the signal to be red from green.

The countdown timer is available in the different height of characters such as 14 inches, 8 inches, 12 inches and others. The size of the character is specially designed as per the needs of the customer. The three type of the countdown timer is available in different shape and size so you can purchase it as per your choice.