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Traffic lamps are also called as road traffic lights, stoplights, stop and go lights, which are signaling gadgets positioned at road junctions, everyday pedestrian crossing & other areas to control flow of traffic. Traffic lamps can be seen in several places worldwide. Traffic light provides a proper way to the road users in different ways. Traffic light module employs a global color code so that comprehending the signal shouldn’t be an issue.

Traffic light controller:

The prime goal of traffic light controller is to offer control & coordination to make sure that traffic moves as safely and smoothly as feasible. This project employs LED lights for signal purpose & a microcontroller is employed for robotic change of indications at specific range of time intervals. Traffic LED light gets mechanically activated & deactivate by making corresponding port pin of the microcontroller “HIGH”.

A prototype of traffic light control system is made by using Infra-Red sensors along with major components Microcontroller and LEDs which are used for controlling traffic signals based on the density of the traffic. The junction taken into consideration is a four-side junction with the traffic flow on each side is only in one direction. This traffic light control system consists of the following three main components:

Display Unit: It consists of 3 LEDs: Green, Red and Orange on each side of the junction– a total of 12 LEDs of three colors are placed at the junction.

Detector Unit: It consists of a combined arrangement of photo diode and IR LED at every junction for detecting the presence of vehicles based on the change in resistance.

Controller Unit: This control unit contains a microcontroller which receives the output data from the IR Sensors and controls the glowing of LEDs based on the programming.

This traffic light control system works on the concept of fixed time allocation at each side of the junction which cannot be changed as per varying traffic density. Timings allotted at every junction are fixed .Sometimes higher traffic density at one side of the junction demands longer time duration for green signal compared to the standard allotted time.

Today you can find traffic light manufacturers that are readily offering high quality LED traffic lights at an affordable price. No doubt LEDs are the best option when it comes to saving energy and environment saving. Since Traffic light employs a large portion of space in our city, they must be replaced with environment friendly traffic control options such as LED light.