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On its face, LED warning signs looks more costly compared to typical emergency or warning lights used in traffic, but that’s because a lot of consumers don’t completely comprehend the advantages & savings of LED warning signs in traffic area.

For instance, if you were to purchase a unit of 100 X-CSE LED bulkhead lights at £21.00 per unit you would have a primary expense of £2,100.00 in comparison to £1,400.00 for a typical lighting unit. At first look as though the LED warning light will cost you £700 more compared to the typical lighting unit. But with a bit more research you’ll immediately notice why LED traffic warning light is the best option.

A LED light feature a wattage of just 3W in comparison to 17W to a regular lamp. Added up over the year, a LED lamp would employ 1314 KWH as opposite to 7446 KWH for the typical lighting. If you measure the price of the electrical energy at £0.11 per KWH LED lamps would save us a hooping £674.52 per year. Our saving in a week with LED traffic warning sign would be £14.05, so following one year & two weeks the primary extra expense would have been disbursed back. After that you would persist to save on your energy bill every week, month & year.

LED diodes also gain from longer lifetime in comparison to typical lamps with a standard of fifty thousand hours compared to thirty thousand hours for a regular T8 fluorescent lamp. If you consider one replacement lamp per light into your equations, the regular lighting would cost you a supplementary £190.00 throughout their lifespan.

Other advantages that LED Traffic warning signal has over typical fluorescent lighting include:

• Free of flickers: While not noticeable to our naked eye, fluorescent lamps flash enough to prompt headaches. However, LEDs don’t flicker at all.

• Free of mercury: Not like fluorescent lamps, LEDs don’t feature mercury in them, making them more eco-friendly.

• Directional lighting: A fluroscent lamp casts illumination in every direction, much of them are wasted actually. However, LED illumination is more directional hence you can gain from lower brightness outcome from the same result.

With all these benefits there is no reason today not to use good quality LED warning lighting in the high traffic areas. They are also a good choice for low traffic areas as well as they are well illuminated to guide the foot walker or pedestrians.