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Traffic lights are very common in built up areas and are a very effective way to control the flow of traffic at intersections. They give the traffic clear and simple instructions as to how to behave – who should proceed and who should stop. The only time you really need to show skill and judgment is when turning right at the traffic lights because unless there is a filter arrow showing, you have to give priority to oncoming vehicles. So in theory, junctions controlled by traffic lights should be the easiest type of intersection for learner drivers to deal with.

LED Traffic Light module has been developed with state of art technologies to provide following advantages.

1) Hour wise and day wise sequences in a week.

• Provision to program hour wise in a day and day wise in a week sequences to suit the traffic variations in a junction.

• Provision to program 20 holiday sequences.

2) Synchronization between the junctions.

• Possibility to maintain the synchronized sequences in a series of junctions for a given speed between the junctions.

The red traffic LED light represents restraint and it informs us to stop immediately. When we see red we understand that if we proceed we may end up causing a major accident. Many of us complain about being stuck at red lights as we are always in a rush to get to our destinations. Those of us that use red lights effectively take the opportunity to reflect on life.

The yellow light tells us to slow down. It gives us the opportunity to analyze the intersection and act accordingly. Many of us fail to listen to the yellow lights’ message and we speed right through them.

There is nothing like the green light. It informs us that we are good to go and we are able to continue our journeys uninterrupted. Green lights come in a wide variety of forms yet their message remains consistent: Keep on pushing.

Every time you see a traffic light reminds yourself to obey the signals in your life: Stop when you are harming yourself, slow down to plan strategically and go when life presents opportunities.

The LED traffic light manufacturers have really brought a revolution to the traffic industry with their latest advancement in LED technology. Today it is easy to buy traffic light core, module and controller at an affordable price but only when you shop online rather offline.