I refer to the digital monitors at a rising number of intersection that count down the seconds until the lights of traffic turns to yellow from green. They aid motorists or drivers approaching a corner decide if to slow themselves in expectation of stopping or to sustain a velocity secure in the knowledge that the lamp won’t be red when they get into the intersection.

With LED countdown timers, motorists don’t need to make that split second choice when a green light suddenly became yellow.

Well, traffic countdown timers are helpful accessory to improve safety & reduce unwanted behavior of the motorists as well as other road users. They show the time remaining until green or red phase and therefore constructively contribute to superior orientation & less riskier act of all drivers and road users at junctions.

For example, timer countdown at red light warn drivers how much time is left prior to the light changes can assist to ease out traffic flow. It was discovered that the existence of the LED countdown meters at the junction would assist to decrease the start-up lost time at the starting of the green light by 22 percent and reduce the number of red-light violation throughout the starting of the red phase by 50 percent.

Besides that, more than half of the drivers accounted that the countdown timers assist to ease out the annoyance sourced by stopping for unknown amount of time throughout the red signal. A research has also demonstrated that following a phase of 30-45 seconds of hanging around, walkers become more impatient & were more expected to cross whenever they could in spite of the walker signal displays. These risk acts can be terminated by the existence of LED traffic countdown timer as pedestrians are conscious of how much time is left to cross the road.