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A lot of us have gone through the period of employing incandescent light lamps. Many probably don’t know that even though the incandescent bulbs release massive volume of lighting, they aren’t quite convenient source of energy since they required to be substituted quite often. Another lighting option you must have idea about is the fluorescent one. People favor this form of lighting source since they don’t require to be substituted quite often but they come with their cons as well as, for example steady dimming can be noticed with continuous usage. Furthermore, this form of lighting is also considered as a threat to the atmosphere since they feature heavy metals like mercury & harmful phosphates which can be risky to the wellbeing of plants and animals which eventually have an effect on our environment.

However most of the above mentioned problems can be ignored with the employment of lighting sources that employ LEDs. LEDs are small lamps and energy is discharged when electrons shake at a particular frequency, therefore LEDs don’t employ filament. A tiny LED lamp varies in terms of dimension from 3mm to 8mm, therefore it releases considerable sum of lighting but not enough that proves to be pretty useful. Therefore many LEDs are placed on a panel and collectively adequate light is emitted. The panel can be shaped according to need but there are some popular designs which have gotten a specific name such as LED Bars, LED Tubes, LED Flex and LED Modules.

Red Ball Signal Light Bulb, Red Ball with Fresnel lens,RYG signal head

Well, LED traffic light modules are generally round in shape and available in different sizes. They generally employ aluminum as a holder that seizes the panels. Aluminum is favored since it’s affordable, and it feature reflective surface this light can be easily reflected from the module. The panels in LED module can hold up to 100 LEDs; therefore they are quite useful when it comes to traffic led light. They are in fact used as traffic light core to a great extent.

Apart from round shape, LED modules can be also purchased in other diverse shapes. Sizes and shapes are variables aspects but color of light is another crucial aspect that a lot of people ponder on before purchasing. LED modules are also accessible in Green, Blue Yellow and RED which make the ideal for traffic lighting. Today you can easily come across traffic light manufacturer that use the LED module technology to their best effect.