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Image result for LED countdown timers www.bbmled.comLED countdown timers are helpful accessory to improve safety & reduce unwanted behaviors of drivers & other road users. They signal the time remaining until green or red phase and therefore constructively contribute to enhanced orientation & less risky behaviors of each road user at the junctions.

For example, LED traffic countdown timers at red light warn drivers how much time remains prior to the lamp change can assist to ease out the flow of traffic. It was discovered that the existence of countdown-timers at the traffic intersection would aid to decrease the start-up lost time at the starting of the green phase by 22 percent, and decrease the number of red light violations throughout the starting of the red phase by fifty percent.

In addition to, above half of the local-drivers accounted that the timers aid to alleviate the annoyance prompted by stopping for an uncertain amount of time when the red light is on. Research has proved that a phase of 30-45 seconds of waiting, pedestrian become more risky, impatient & were more expected to cross whenever they could despite of the pedestrian signal displays. This dangerous act might be eradicated by the existence of LED countdown timers as pedestrians are aware of how much time is left.

Image result for LED countdown timers www.bbmled.comThe recent technical innovation in the field of LED has made it possible that the newer version of traffic light can survive the harsh UV rays of the sun. These products are designed to aid motorists comprehend & be notified about the remaining time of red & green phase. This also aids to control air pollution & save fuel consumption, and can also prevent car mishaps and decrease stress of drivers. Modern Countdown timer can easily count from 0- 99 seconds & can showcase numbers at day & night from 75meter distance.

LED traffic timer countdown life time is 100,000 hours,. So you don’t need to worry about their replacement. They are much more durable than your typical incandescent lights. Their automatically adjustable light intensity allows you to adjust the light according to the situation.

Led countdown timers are not used used in traffic intersections, but they can be used in different areas as well. Here are a few examples:

For different kind of applications

• large junctions (mounted on lamp post over the junction)

• small sized junctions (beside the road or over junction on lamp post)

• pedestrian crossings (mounted on lamp post beside crossing)