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Traffic light manufactured in various places at India by plenty of companies in different scale. Along with traffic light, companies are work for smoothening in many other parameters like optimum visibility, energy saving etc. In traffic light manufacturing, companies have major challenge to maintain variety because huge number of notations present in traffic monitoring system.

Cost of each product will vary according to hardware required like amber or yellow color LED arrows cost around 1500 INR per piece while U-turn arrows cost approximately 2550 INR per piece. Traffic manufacturer provides authentic functionality and demanded products, which have similar cost with size 300mm & 200-mm. Traffic light manufacturer, can supply to these products nationwide through procurement, generally, government supply is in priority of all manufacturers. Because they purchase products in bulk mode, so traffic light manufacturers have to manage variety and good quality.

LED light has replaced old incandescent bulbs technique completely because LED light core has numerous advantages over incandescent bulbs. In all parameters power consumption, energy utilization, maintenance LED works superior then bulbs. LED light is small diode, which has a capacitor connected to cluster of LED in different shapes like arrow, bicycle, pedestrian crossing etc. A LED light core will also be better equipped for adverse weather condition and battery backup mode.

LED lights have instant on/off startup times so it can easily operate in solar energy module also. Red , Green , Yellow LED lamps unlike white lights beaming through a colored lens filter have sharp and clear colour.LED light core has different colors (blue, whitish red, green, amber or yellow) and size(100mm-300mm and more)these are common now a days. In streetlights and traffic light these core are encapsulate and form various shapes.

Traffic light core has long life of 70,000 hours and, multiply sealed, water and dust resistant, large visual angle with exclusive optical lens. It is available in very cheap cost compare to other displays(around 30$-275$).Basically it is a core part of traffic light system in which clusters LED with lens is used.

Traffic light module consist all circuits and a controller in a single chip. Its major part is controller, which estimates the timer of traffic signal and color display (Red, Green, and Yellow).Timer value change the color and traffic runs smoothly. All functionalities based on the module are it is a single chip consist all peripherals connected to it and it can be operate in solar energy. Lastly, the module has its core part of traffic monitoring system. All traffic light modules are connected to central processing system so monitoring can be done in centralized mode.