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LED traffic signal fully replaced the existing technology (incandescent bulbs) with its good features. As per survey, major chunk of electricity is consumed by traffic light signals. For better performance and to prevent energy crisis LED lamps use nationwide. Use of LED in traffic signaling trims the municipal budgets and reserve more energy for further usage. Almost every country is using LED based signaling system likewise Boston, Denver, New York City, San Diago.

What are LED lamps and what are the benefits?

LED is light emitting diode which consist a semiconductor that works on 0/1 logic in electronics devices. In which it will emit light when value is 1(current passes through circuit)and off when value is 0.LED doesn’t have filament like incandescent bulbs that’s why it consumes less energy as compare to incandescent bulbs which used in traffic signaling. LED can be used in cluster of LEDs due to its high brightness feature.

LED traffic light based on RED, Green, Yellow or Amber color for almost all locations. LED traffic signal no needs any lens for better visibility. It has versatile feature with good quality, which saves the energy efficiently and reduces heat losses, which is more in case of incandescent lamps. As per power consumption, traffic lights LED operate only 10 percent of total incandescent bulbs consumption, which cannot be ignored contrary it has good visibility in adverse weather condition.

Additionally, traffic lights LED have low maintenance cost which emerges the staff to engage in other projects also. While in incandescent bulbs after every 2000 hours filament should be replaced, else it burns the circuit. LED traffic light has overcome this problem efficiently.

LED traffic lights have played vital role to save energy consumption and minimizes the number of signal outages. LED based traffic signal including mini traffic light not only provide safe traffic signaling but also more economical to use battery based system, which require more expenditure in case of previous technology. Now in minimum cost all LED traffic system has equipped with 24×7 uninterrupted supplies in power outage condition.

How LED Works

LED has power distribution and bandwidth usage in very low around 20-50nm, depending upon the material. Because of this LED produces focused and monochromatic light. It contains phosphor to a blue LED; this blue light can converted into yellow, red, green and whitish blue colors.

In LED traffic sign or light, consist bundle of LED in particular shape with reflector and lens glass to display monochromatic light source. In addition, LED traffic sign consists of directional arrow, bicycle, pedestrian representation etc. all shapes made with LED while in old traffic sign made by metallic shape or paint.