LED countdown timers’ displays time in seconds, minutes, hours and days, which will best suit the environment. This timer comes in different colors and size from which you can select for installation. Various mounting options can be installed.

There are wide range of countdown clock with the help of remote control will allow you to display normal time information and utilize the timer as a chronometer or countdown timer. The wireless control allows you to change the features of the clocks very easily. This will enable you to set the functions that you want from your clock such as count up or down, date, temperature, rate of chlorine, rate of humidity. It helps you to operate the clock within each function.

The timer countdown allows you to switch the clock display between time and countdown and allow you to operate the timer while using the countdown function. In this you can count up and down, record split times and reset the timer from the control unit. Traffic countdown timer is proven useful for vehicle driver to be more alert & cross the road immediately after seeing green signal. This can be configured for various sizes and colors. Installing countdown timer certain has brought down the number of crashes. Many states have accepted the countdown timer for the safety of the pedestrians and even motorist.

Because of the LED countdown timer devices, it will help the drivers to slow and stop more often at the traffic lights. Some of the careless drivers who are in hurry instead of seeing the countdown to yellow light, would like to accelerate, this would increase the risk of accidents. The pedestrians should also be aware of the right signal and cross only at the crosswalk, which can be safer. Signal timer system intends to regulate traffic in a systematic way and with proper control. The drivers should be made aware of knowing about the changes in colors from green to red and from red to green the transition point during the color change are necessary to allow the drivers to respond to the changes accordingly.

Installing timer countdown have shown number of benefits, such as energy conservation, travel time savings, reduction in environmental pollutions, thereby improving efficiency and reducing accidents across the road. The countdown timer are widely used across the East Asian countries has provided safety benefits. LED powered countdown timer has helped drivers for better understand traffic rules.