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Traffic lights major role to control the entire vehicle traffic. During the present era, almost every individual owns and drives varieties of vehicles, which result in significant increase in the existing numbers of cars and bikes on road. Here comes the role of a good traffic light controller to play prime role to restrict road accidents and traffic jams.

Traffic Signal/Light Overview

Traffic signal or light mainly consistent of three different colors of lights to give different messages for drivers. Red light asks the motorist to yield at the specific intersection; yellow light alerts drivers to wait for the display of next light and the green one allows drivers to drive their vehicles from the intersection.

Requirement of LED-based Traffic Light System

Traffic control systems are the best yet amazing ways to prevent vehicular collisions and put control in traffic jams in the modern era, where every individual has awareness about different types of cars and vehicles.

However, the main drawback associated with traditional red, green and yellow colored light fixtures is that traffic-controlling officers have to bear huge expenses in both installation and maintenance of such fixtures. Hence, in order to get improved traffic security that too at affordable price, most of the traffic signal controlling groups have started choosing and installation of traffic signal controller powered by LEDs.

Benefits of Using LED Powered Traffic Lights

LED powered traffic light system is responsible for providing the following key benefits-

• Day and House Wise Sequences in One Week

LED based traffic light controller comes with a special provision to program day wise in one-week sequence and hour wise in a single day sequence to match perfectly with variations on traffic in a particular junction. In addition, the lighting systems come with a special provision to program for about 20 holidays sequences.

• Allows Synchronization among Junctions

LED based traffic controlling systems come with the possibility of maintaining various synchronized sequences within a series of various junctions to allow a particular speed in between them.

• Ability to Control Outputs

Almost every type of LED powered light fixture comes with the ability of controlling maximum 32 output signals (light signals) at any traffic junction.

• Supports Different Operations

Last, but not the least, traffic light or signal systems powered by LEDs give support to different operations, which include manual mode, flash mode and auto mode.