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Majority of companies today are providing top quality of LED products to meet the requirement of different industries, including the traffic control sector. Even few of the experienced companies possessing vast experience in dealing with innovative LED technology have come up with varieties of traffic LED lamp fixtures and signals. Specialty of any LED signal is that it provides robust solutions, while acts as a power efficient and high quality lighting system. In addition, users may use it with various solar panels

Top Features Present in LED Traffic Signals

Traffic light lamp comes with few of the top features, as mentioned in this article-

Long life Solution is Possible

One of the prime reasons, which differentiate LED powered lamps as compared to traditional bulbs and light fixtures placed on roads or traffic is that LED products incorporate long life of about 10 years.

Visibility Aspect of the Product

According to experts involved in analyzing LED products, light fixtures and traffic systems of this type incorporate long visibility.

Luminous Intensity

Whether you consider about LED arrow board, traffic sign, LED signal and display, you will find that the LED powered light fixture comes with controllable luminous intensity as compared to other traditional bulbs.

Operable in Big Temperature Range

One of the major benefits associated with traffic lamps or lights powered by using light emitting diode is that such light sources are operable in high range of temperature values.

Less Usage

Traffic light systems based on light emitting diodes allow usage of less than 5 watts.

Powering of the System

Majority of lighting systems receive power with the help of installed solar panels. This helps in saving big amount of power even when the traffic lights operate for long time.

Output and Output Degradation

Traffic light lamp systems are able to provide constant and even light output than its counterparts i.e. halogen bulbs. On the other side, if we talk about degradation, we should definitely say that the innovative product allows for lowest possible degradation in the available output.

Warranty Period

Majority of traffic light systems powered by light emitting diodes come with the warranty period of about one year to benefit its users.

Gives Support to Customization

Traffic lamps and lights designed by using light emitting diode provide support to customization feature. In this way, traffic controllers may choose wide range of LED light systems based on specific requirements on roads, traffic junctions, restricted areas and many more.