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Every year, approximately 4 millions of total traffic lights consume about 3 billion KW of total electricity available. Thus, switching to LED light fixtures offered by reputed traffic light manufacturer would result in trimming of overall municipal budget and reduction of energy consumption across the nation.

On analyzing the scenario of traffic lights in different regions of United States, we have observed that about 50 percent of total traffic signals have undergone conversion to LED products in different cities of United States, especially in big cities, like New York City, Boston, Seattle, San Diego and Philadelphia.

What is Light Emitting Diode?

A light emitting diode abbreviated as LED indicates a small semiconductor that comes with the ability to emit visible light at the time when electricity passes from it. Specialty of LED lighting is it excludes any filament. Because of this, LED powered traffic light core or signals utilize LEDs of high brightness connected together for creation of a cluster designed with more than 100s of LEDs.

Why LED Lights are Ideal in Designing Traffic Signals

LED light fixtures are capable of producing light only in required colors, which include green, red and yellow, which make them ideal products for traffic lights. In this type of product, users do not require filtering of the light by using lenses.

Hence, production of true colors takes place in relatively more efficient way and even with less possible wastage of energy and heat. In addition, light emitting diode based lights consume only 10 percent of the total energy, while it appears brighter because of the equal distribution of light along the complete surface.

LEDs used in a traffic light module have the ability to last for 100,000 hours i.e. approximately 50 times higher as compared to incandescent or any other traditional bulbs. This is because; it does not contain any filament that would result in burning out. In addition, the product facilitates for significant reduction in re-lamping cycles and emergency-based replacing of projects.

LED lights play major role in boosting overall traffic safety, as they reduce exact numbers of output signals. In addition, they allow for low consumption of energy and thereby, are available at economical prices while using them within suitable battery backup devices. Batteries installed in traffic signals operated by LEDs allow it to function properly even during outrage of power supply. Therefore, LEDs act as perfect replacement to incandescent bulbs and its similar other counterparts.