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Since our early age we have been asked to cross the roads carefully by watching both sides and crossing only when no vehicle is approaching. But in today’s busy world where everybody is speeding, a vehicle can rush in at any moment and cause an accident. Thus we use traffic signals to cross the roads.

Why Is Traffic Signal Lights Important?

The three lights namely RED , YELLOW and GREEN stand for the traffic lights mentioning STOP, GET READY and GO respectively. Traffic signal lights are used on all busy roads where crossing a road just by looking at both sides is not safe. These lights are also used because the colours are the primary colours and are visible very brightly and clearly even from far away and the colours are high in the visible spectrum so can be noticed even at night. Not following these signals may charge as fine and follow them will maintain safety on the roads.

Previously the colours were highlighted along with the traffic rush. Now the lights are changed at equal time intervals so that there is never a rush on the road. The recent module of the traffic signal is the LED Traffic Light which is noticeable from far away, computer moderated and brighter than usual bulbs. These signals are so easy to follow that maintaining the traffic rules is not difficult even for the children and they can understand the colour meaning too where red being the most vibrant also stands for danger asks people to stop and Green allows to Go.

How Does The LED Traffic Signal Work?

The box that holds the three lights is usually black in nature to absorb heat. The Led Traffic signals are thus heat tested as LED lights may be harmed by heat. After handling the heat sensitivity issue, the Traffic signals LED are tested in the lab and then allowed on the roads. The box can be horizontal or vertical in nature which depends on the type of light and the rush of traffic in the road. Sometimes we also notice human figures instead of just lights and as the human figures move from Red to Green the people stop and cross the road accordingly. Some places especially in the busy cities you also have a button almost at the end of the pole of the LED Traffic Light where you can press a button and make the colour change to Red so that you can cross the road.