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The three lights ‘RED’, ‘GREEN’ and ‘YELLOW’ work as traffic lights. These colours are bright and are visible from far and we see them at every traffic signal. ‘RED’ stands for ‘STOP’, ‘YELLOW’ for ‘GETTING READY’ and ‘GREEN’ for ‘GO’. The lights are either arranged vertically at the post for the vehicles to notice from far and usually the when the lights turn ‘red’, the cars are supposed to stop.

We have been taught from childhood to look at both sides while crossing the road. Even then accidents may occur hence we are also taught and it is always safer to follow the traffic signal. These signals are now noticed at every corner or all roads whether it is a highway, busy road or a lane. The recent activity is to use LED lights for making those traffic signals. LED Module Traffic Signals can be noticed from far and is equally visible at day time and at night. This LED Traffic signal head is now introduced not only on the lanes of America but also on every busy road in cities and towns in India.

The Look and Utility Of The LED Module Traffic Head

One black vertical box works as the casing or the covering for the Led lights. The lights are mostly circular in nature. The box is then attached to a high pole so that vehicle can notice the lights from far away. Every 5 minutes one circle from RED to GREEN is completed. Sometimes you can also notice figures in place of lights as signals which are easier for even children to follow. When the human figure is in RED, the cars move and when the Human figure appears in green, the traffic stops for people to cross roads. Thus the LED Module Traffic Head is very informative and easy to follow.

When Do you Apply the Signal On Road?

The traffic signal changes one colour to the next at duration of every 1 minute averagely. Thus the bulbs need to be highly heat sensitive. The companies who make the Led Traffic Signal Module keep this in mind. The lights are only fixed on the roads after being checked duly. Sometimes the boxes may be horizontal in nature so that all the lights are at equal level. The usual traffic signal costs within a few dollars thus it is cheap and helpful at the same time.