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Since the beginning of 1990s, most of the cities belonging to both European and American countries have started replacing of incandescent types of traffic lights with few of the highly energy efficient and solid-state lighting systems or LED lights. This is because; with the passage of time, LED lights have undergone drastic improvements to become one among the powerful light sources to use as traffic light controller systems.

Because of the consistent advancement in the LED lighting technology and attempt of people to go green with LED lights, most of the street light projects going on now in both Europe and America choose for powerful LED sources. In other words, LED products have occupied the market of various mercury vapor-based light sources and high pressure of sodium lamps in gradual way.

Why LED is Used Popularly

Until now, about 80 percent of the traffic control projects have preferred for LED powered lights because of some strong reasons, which include the following-

Huge Energy Efficiency

Today, efficiency and power of LED lights exceed 100luminous per watt. In majority of street light products, power efficiency of light emitting diode ranges between 65lm per watt and 80 lm per watt. Even the efficiency is very much high as compared to any other mercury vapor type of lamp that comes with 30lm per watt.

Offers an Eco-friendly Solution

LED powered lighting systems provide eco-friendly solutions to users, as they are available as solid-state lighting sources.

Allows for Low Power Consumption

Most of the LED light sources used mainly as traffic signal controller systems are able to save usage of energy by more than 52 percent than any other traditional lamps comprised of mercury vapors, while 26 percent higher as compared to sodium lamps.

Possess Higher Lux for a Single Watt

Lights powered by light emitting diodes come with almost 2 times of higher Lux for a single wattage as compared to any mercury vapor form of street light. Experts have skewed the equivalent measurement for various high-pressure of sodium lamps by the help of hot spots, which bump up the rate of Lux but result in undesirable safety, visibility and wide range of glare problems.

Possess Relatively Long Lifetime

LED powered light sources and traffic-controlling systems come with relatively higher lifetime equal to 60,000 hours. Therefore, LED lights may possess life expectancy of about 15 years.