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Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) are of light source systems, which have evolved in significant way during the last few years and are consistently penetrating both existing and new markets. LED traffic signal head or any other lighting system based on LED claims about 20 percent of the market comprises of light conversion in traffic signal in different regions of North America. Success of these products lies solely in their longevities.

LED Products are Different Because of 10 Factor

LED products outstand various traditional yet incandescent lamps based on 10 factor. These products are also of energy efficient and possess relatively more compactness in terms of size while require very less maintenance costs.

Excluding factor 10, individuals will be able to find many features possessed by LED module traffic signal or simply LED-based traffic signal, which are entirely different from incandescent bulbs used by traffic control authorities during old days.

Absence of Filaments in LED Products

If you choose to travel by car or any other vehicle on any city of America, you will find many traffic signals, which have replaced their old fluorescent bulbs with LED (Light Emitting Diode) bulbs available in minimum 2mm to maximum 8mm range. These are different from fluorescent or incandescent light bulbs based on their functionalities.

Reason for this is that traditional light bulbs or tube lights are of filament type of light sources, while LEDs do not have any filament. Rather, LED light sources used as LED traffic signal module emits energy based on vibrating electrons as beams of light.

LEDs Vibrate Only at Specific Frequency

LEDs vibrate only at specific frequency based on electric power supply in a particular compound junction. Most of the times, electrons present in LED vibrate in specific frequency range to produce light rays of only specific wavelengths, which allow display of lights in different colors. Based on this phenomenon, we have LEDs capable of emitting Blue, Green or Red lights and hence, many people called LED module traffic signal as LED RGB light source.

LEDs may Found on Different Panels

LED lights are available on different types of panels, which may vary based on shapes and sizes. Although, LEDs have variations in terms of their shapes, few of them recognized as LED modules have become very much popular because of their convenience they provide. Such LEDs are of round shape and have wide usage in traffic signals and in cars.