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While crossing the road, we are always taught to look both sides and nowadays we are asked to watch the Traffic signal. The Traffic Signal is a very important element of any road be it a highway or a busy lane. The Traffic Signal has three lights namely, ‘RED’ for ‘STOP’, ‘YELLOW’ for ‘WAIT’ or ‘BE READY’ and GREEN for ‘GO’. The lights are arranged vertically in the order or ‘RED’, ‘YELLOW’ and ‘GREEN’. The three lights appear for the vehicles and when it is ‘RED’, people are supposed to cross the roads.

Presence of Traffic Signals at Every Turning of Road

These Traffic Signals are now present at every turn of every road. These Traffic Signals are when made in the module of LED lights they become more helpful and visible at all times of the day and especially at nights. The LED lights are bright and Vibrant in their colour, which helps the drivers, notice and thus drive safely. The LED Module Traffic Signal also prevents accidents as people can cross the road safely now. These Signals were installed all over America and now installed almost all busy places in India

What does a LED Module Traffic Head look like?

The signals are installed within one black vertical box containing colour LED lights usually Circular in shapes and this box is attached to a high pole so that the Drivers can notice the signals and follow them from a far distance. The usual count for the lights remains for 1 minute or 2 covering the three lights. On an average of every 5 minute, the light changes from ‘Green’ to ‘Red’. Nowadays, signals show human figures instead of simple lights. When the Human walking figure is ‘Red’, the vehicles move while when the same figure shows ‘Green’, the people cross the street or the road. The boxes can thus be vertical rectangle, or a horizontal rectangle or a square even. Henc, the LED Module Traffic Head is very bright and informative in nature.

Utility of LED Traffic Signal Module in Roads

These Traffic signals are growing phase because the roads became safer to cross. These signals are very easy to follow and therefore children can cross a road without supervision. The other important qualities of the LED Traffic Signal Module are that the companies verify them, they have at least a 5 year warranty and they can handle heat superiorly.