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Digital screen that you see attached to the containers holding Gas or Petrol while you go to fill up your cars or any other Vehicles are the LED signs. These gas signs help you know how much of the liquid you are getting in your vehicle and accordingly the amount you are supposed to pay. Each machine of this category calculates accordingly and gives you the result. This machine is helpful, as one does not need to calculate manually to pay.

This machine helps you see at night and also when you don’t get any attendant to fill your vehicle up with Gas or Petrol, you can do it yourself and you being a novice at this, you shall know how much to fill in and what to pay. With the help of the LED Gas Price Sign, the Gas stations can be made anywhere and this makes travel easier for people.

How does the Display occur on a LED Gas Price Sign?

Whenever you go for filling of the gas or pouring of the petrol in vehicle, the digits representing the amount keeps increasing from zero. It stops when the pipe of the machine is taken out of the vehicle. The last amount shown with the pipe in is the amount you are supposed to pay the person pouring in the Gas or Petrol.

Gas Price Based on Dollars and Rupees

The LED Gas Price Display shows the increasing amount in the form of Rupees and paisa or Dollars and cents according to the place and a small column remains on the side mentioning the unit of the money to be paid. Sometimes, you can get a ticket at the counter, show it and get your vehicle filled accordingly. As the amount on the machine shows the same amount, i.e. equal to the amount mentioned in the ticket, by the help of which pouring of gas takes place.

How do a LED Price Sign look?

The sign is usually a rectangular box of black screen with LED light, which is attached at the top of the Gas Machine. This LED Price Sign is usually 26” X 11” and can hold utmost 8-digits.The display appears in a digital form, usually red in colour, which means that the LED has the red Bulb. With dotted lines and dots, one has to pay money based on specific instructions. In conclusion, display of gas prices clearly help in simple and easy dealing at any gas and petrol station.