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Do you bore of by using antique plastic type of gas price signs? Do you want to avoid the requirement of changing prices manually? If your answer is yes, you should definitely go for the best possible option i.e. LED gas sign to display the price. Here, gas dealers and users will be able to know many interesting facts about LED-based gas signs, which would justify it as the right choice.

Overview and Specialties of the Product

LED gas price display or sign is an affordable electronic product or a digital design that comes with various types of petroleum pricing applications. It mainly adopts LED lights, which come with super brightness, as display type of components, which possess benefits related to saving power, super brightness; color variations serve as safety devices and are of easily installable and convenient to perform functions.

Hence, individuals may apply such display products in different gas stations to display prices along the entire highway and few key roads. In addition, LED gas display plays significant role to give modern yet attractive look to the gas station.

Features of LED Gas Price Based Display Signs

The latest LED-based product comes with countless interesting features to make the product preferable among majority of gas price operators and dealers.

Display Features

LED-based gas display systems come with ultra bright Light Emitting Diodes, whose brightness levels go to maximum 4,000 NITS. In this way, products allows for visibility during both daytime and nighttime.

Auto Brightness

Almost every type of LED-based display products, such as gas led signs or traffic LED sign come with 16 different levels of automatic brightness. This huge level helps reading of display during nighttime easily and without being excessive bright.

Come in Varieties of Sizes

Most of the products related to LED gas display systems come in large numbers of size options, where height ranges from minimum 8 inches and goes up to 48 inches guaranteed to fit perfectly into the already existing sign or align back to back in between two different existing poles.

Availability in Multiple Colors

LED gas sign products come in many color combinations, which includes green, red, white or yellow colored of super bright LED systems.

Allows for Wireless Control

Professionals have included the innovative and exclusive feature of wireless control while design LED sign displaying products. Wireless control allows for simple and easy operations based on pushing of down or up button from the corresponding display system with a specific communication range of more than 150 feet or 46 meters.