Whenever people walk or drive across any road, they may sometimes come across roadwork site or road under construction. Irrespective of the case, the constructional area remains outlined by using different types of traffic controlling devices or systems, like barrels, cones and barricades. All these devices regardless their forms incorporate a common aspect i.e. visibility.

Whether you talk about few small sizes of cones or about waist-high barricades or barrels, each of the traffic control systems as designed by using bright LED displays and contained various reflective strips. These features help motorists and car drivers to see the highlighted lights and thereby, identify restricted areas during both night and daytime.

Practical Applications of Traffic Controllers

Although, you may be able to know about the specific applications of a traffic light controller as outlined in respective traffic controlling manuals (MUTCD), but basically, these products have usage as barricades and warning signals. If you consider about the lowest level, you will find usage of traffic cones within buildings to restrict foot traffic from accessing a specified area, like broken elevators, wet floors and unsafe staircases. Traffic cones on the other side; come with height of about 18 inches to indicate the restricted area for various pedestrians. However, barricade is also preferable in similar types of situations.

Traffic Controlling Devices Use at Outside of Buildings

Once you move out of the building and analyze at the street level, you will still find the usage of traffic signal controller systems, including barricades and cones for almost similar purposes. Outlining of any roadwork area or construction site acts as common use for such types of devices.

Despite, such sites are sometimes visible without putting any highlighting systems; they actually overlooked sometimes, particularly, when there is a large hole or manhole in the ground. Since both motorists and pedestrians go nearby the area, traffic manuals and experts recommend the use of relatively large traffic cones of range from 18 inches to 28 inches, barrels and barricades to create alertness with their big sizes, bright colors and reflective strips during both night and daytime.

Applications in Highways

Along with this, traffic controlling devices or systems have found their wide applications on large scale in highways. Large numbers of daily commuters suffer unnecessary delay due to roadwork across the highway. Therefore, to avoid such situations, professionals choose to outline the complete area by using tall cones, barricades and barrels.