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Traffic lights are employed to manage the flow of traffic. They’re also recognized as stop lights, traffic lamps, robots, stop and go lights, etc. They’re manufactured particularly for utilization as signaling devices and are usually placed where roadways interconnects with other flows of traffic, whether it’s human traffic or motor vehicles, for example a crossroad, pedestrian crossing or any other areas to manage the flood of traffic.

traffic signal light

A majority of the cities worldwide have traffic signal lights installed to notify the roadway users via the utilization of lights in typical colors. The color code is common and has an accurate result, and the colors employed are amber, green and red.

traffic light modulesThe traffic light modules which are most generally in use comprise of a set of 3 lights, green, red and amber. They’re usually installed in a perpendicular position with the red lamp at the summit, amber one in the center and the green one at the base. In a few nations traffic lights are installed horizontally.

When a vehicle comes forward a set of traffic light & the lighting on the signal is red, it’s a sign to that vehicle to stop. At the same time the amber light shows that lights are about to transform, either to green or red relying on which part of the globe you’re in. When these lightings transform to green it’s signaling that it’s secure to go ahead and the vehicle can continue its trip.

traffic light seriesThe variations in the traffic light series will differ relying on the nation’s and any special requirements for a specific intersection, for instance special lights may used for pedestrians, bicycles and buses; or special principles for managing traffic which are turning in a specific route. A few intersections could be quite complicated and will utilize any combination of these.

These days many countries are heading towards LED traffic light due to their many benefits. From low temperature to cost saving, LED traffic lights looks to overshadow typical traffic light by a far margin. Led lights are not just energy efficient, they’re also durable and maintenance free as well. A LED light can work up to 50,000 in comparison to 10 thousand working hour of a typical bulbs. There are also many other advantages that are making LED traffic lights a valuable investment. From china to America you can find LED traffic lights almost everywhere. They are also available with certain warranty period that makes them even more useful.