Since the 1990s cities in the U.S. and Europe began replacing incandescent-based traffic lights with higher energy-efficient solid state lights, LED has been taking to streets. At that time LED is not powerful enough to be used in street lighting. In the past period, the technology of LED progressed. Now more and more street lighting projects choose LED sources. It took the market of high pressure sodium and mercury vapor gradually.

B2Led street light also known as led pedestrian light is considered the best option for outdoor lighting. Compared to ordinary lights, these street lights have a number of advantages. With the advance in technological features, lighting systems have undergone a tremendous change. Today majority of the cities have street lights which contain led bulbs.

More and more cities around the world are installing LED street lights due to the wide range of benefits they offer. The use of these lights is also seen in homes, offices and other public spaces as sustainable lighting is the need of the hour. Installing them have resulted in huge savings. Due to their various beneficial features, they are also considered as , intelligent traffic controller in the traffic industry.

Outdoor lighting has become quite a trend and there’s no wondering why since it’s a form of security, guides our way through the darkness and is just absolutely convenient. It actually isn’t eco-friendly, these outdoor lights and we’re always looking for solutions to overcome problems regarding the environment but never can we find ones that can make a difference.


LEDs clearly represent the future of lighting. Energy efficient and long-lasting, LED lights have won over people who are trying to be green in their homes as well as business owners who see the value in lamps that can cut electric bills in half and that don’t require frequent bulb changes.

Given the need nationwide for more energy efficient and cost effective street lighting systems it is no surprise that we are now seeing the emergence of new technologies in LED lighting systems popping up on our streets. They promise to offer lower power consumption and can easily be powered through solar or wind energy generation systems and as a result the operational costs associated with their use are relatively low.

Overall we can say LED Street pedestrian lighting is a fresh new alternative to traditional street lamps such as LPS, HPS, or MH street lights.