Why to Switch over to Solar Traffic Lights:

Solar Traffic lights 4With a large section of the world population going the unconventional way, there is no surprise if the traffic engineers are suggesting the same for the roads too. The motivation behind going the solar way is its goodness to the environment. Unlike the conventional power, the solar power is eco-friendly and there is no harm neither to the environment nor to the humans.

Instead of the conventional incandescent traffic lights, many traffic light manufacturers are now producing solar powered traffic signal lights. They are gaining much popularity nowadays.

No doubt, there are immense advantages associated with LED powered traffic signal lights. But at the same time the disadvantages cannot be ignored too.

The various disadvantages and challenges faced while using LED traffic lights are as outlined below:

• Currently LEDs are quite expensive. The price per lumen is not that cost friendly and as a result can effect the economy owing to the expenditure involved while installing them at all traffic intersections in the country.

• The performance of the LED powered traffic lights is largely depended on the engineering of the same. The slightest mistake in the engineering of the fixtures may lead to the failure of the device. Andwhen we are talking of serious concerns like traffic management, there is no room for mistakes.

• LEDs must be supplied with the correct voltage andcurrent at a constant flow. This may require the employment of electronic experts which is again an added expendituretowards the same.

• LED lights have the tendency to change colors according to temperature. This is not at all acceptable in case of traffic signal management.

The solar traffic lights have the capability to run the traffic signal system totally on an eco friendly basis. These lights consume 90%less energy and can work without any electricity connections.These traffic lights can be custom designed at many a leading traffic light suppliers and are affordable. They are also a viable medium of setting up a traffic signal system in places short of electricity.

Let us have a quick look at the various features of solar powered traffic lights:

Solar modules are encapsulated against harsh weather conditions

Long system life

Valve regulated with lead acid battery

A brief on Wireless Solar Traffic Lights:

The wireless solar traffic lights are integrated with LED technologies and sustainable and eco friendly solar energy technology. The innovative integration gives rise to astable wireless traffic management system.

wireless solar traffic light 4

These traffic lights can be installed in places short of electricity but with lots of solar energy like the Middle East and Africa. These lights not only save enormous construction costs buy also massive operation expenditure. With conventional energy giving away, the wireless solar powered lights have found wide use.