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Street lighting is extremely essential for driving during night. That is why it’s one of the most vital aspects for maintaining smooth & safe traffic after dusk. With the increasing volume of vehicles & roads, demand for street lighting is also increasing day by day. For several years now, different organizations concerned with the making of such lights have been enjoying a massive demand. Till the 90s they employed incandescent bulbs which utilized high-pressure sodium or mercury vapours.

More number of traffic or street lights means more power needed to lighten them up. Sodium & mercury lights use a lot of energy. In early 90’s, the energy usage by these types of lighting went further than the expected level. The scientists began searching for an alternative which was energy efficient. After many researches, LED pedestrian lights were appeared as the best alternative of traditional street lighting. They not just use far less energy than the traditional mercury or sodium lights, but also deliver better light.


All these qualities made premier cities in US and China shift from traditional ones to improved LED traffic lights and street lights. Initially, the manufacturers find it tough to produce quality LED light, but with progressing time the technology became better and these days you can easily find some of the big cities worldwide using LED traffic lights and pavement lights. This not just save big dollars, but also enhances the quality of lighting.


In fact, the LED street light is an instance of inbuilt lights. The bulbs aren’t detached from the board. A bunch of LED bulbs is sealed to a board and heat sink is fixed to it in such form of light. The heat sink is employed to soak up the heat produced by the LED ones. Generally a single high-power LED bulb is employed to produce such lighting, but different organizations these days have begun employing a pack of low-powered LED bulbs to produce the same outcome.

A conventional street light consist a reflector at the back of the lamp which generally causes a considerable loss of illumination and it causes light pollution as well. The glare generated by such light is also not secure for the drivers. The LED lights generally posses a lens on the LED board, which not just stops the loss of illumination but also, deliver a well-defined rectangular pattern. They don’t make any glare also.

Whether it is about street lighting or traffic light, the LED lights are turning out to be a much better option than the traditional incandescent bulbs.