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Traffic is the main problem in nearly every countries. In this busy life people generally use their private commutes to travel from one place to another, this increases road traffic. It is necessary for the localities to have a well-managed traffic control system.

With the advancement in technology some new products are used on the traffic system to increase its efficiency. These systems generally enhance the convenience of people and also ensure their safety.

traffic light

Here are some best solutions to balance the environmental quality and soaring costs,

LED traffic signals:

With the rise in the cost of fossil fuels as well as their bad effect to the environment, people tend to seek best energy saving solutions. Light emitting diodes are the best way to decrease the energy charges by replacing them with old incandescent light bulb in traffic signals.

Nearly 260,000 intersections are there with traffic signals in the US. As per an estimation if every intersections had Light Emitting Diodes in the traffic signals, electricity could be saved annually by more than 3 billion kilowatt hrs.

On average a kilowatt hour generally costs about 4 cents, so there might be direct savings of nearly 120 million dollars per year in the consumption of energy. The prospective savings has prompted several cities to take up the contracts of energy savings for upgrading traffic signals.

Led Traffic Light

LED Pedestrian Signals:

It is a fact that when synchronizing the people’s movement and automobiles as well as managing pedestrian traffic no error would be there. Generally robust Pedestrian Control Signals of LED provide sustained reliability. There are clear advantages of using LED over incandescent: longer life, fewer hassles of maintenance, lower maintenance costs and energy savings up to 90%.

Traffic Countdown Timers:

Countdown timers are used to warn drivers on how much more they need to wait at red lights before the next change in the light. This technique is proven better to help to improve road safety and traffic flow.

Motorists generally slow down as they come near to junctions and traffic lights to evade speeding as and when required.

At led lights countdown timers would notify drivers the remaining time before the light switches to green. However, at green lights timers would indicate the exact time after which the light turns into red to drivers.

Wireless Solar Traffic Light:

This type of traffic light Control System is completely wireless and generally built with modern technologies to remove difficulties existed in systems to control traffic light used conventionally. This type of control system are eco-friendly and solar-powered.