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Traffic is among the major issues that needs to be managed properly in order to avoid accidents and for the better expediency of commuters. Modern traffic control systems are based on LED(Light emitting diode) that are economic and effective approach to manage regular traffic.

Here are some points based on the benefits that these new types of technologies offer:

LEDs traffic light

1) Not just LEDs traffic lights offer energy savings, they generally work without failing for a long time. An LED will last from 5 – 10 years. This is much higher as compared to the incandescent light bulbs those lasts for a year.

2) Using LED’s on traffic light greatly reduces the maintenance of cities schedules and lowers the replacement cost of incandescent bulbs.

3) LEDs have much reliability because of their design that implements semiconductor technology. So the light is emitted with the help of a semiconductor material, no possibility of failure due to flimsy filaments, those are common in incandescent bulbs.

4) Several LED’s are used in traffic signals, so the failure of one doesn’t effects much to the unit, and it works.

5) LED’s are generally recognized to focuses the better light as compared to other options, so it’s easier for one to see the oncoming traffic. This helps lessen accidents and increase safety, because signals are clear to the drivers.


6) LED pedestrian light can save about 90% energy above than Incandescent. They are made for OEM or retrofit use and have UV stabilized shell& lens. They are based on Caltrans and/or ITE compliant designs

7) Mostly pedestrian control signals have Incandescent lamps those are replaced with LED’s. Generally they are found in 2 colors Lunar White & Portland Orange.

8) In some regions of the world like Abu Dhabi, traffic countdown timers are used to manage the movement of people. Where Red-light timers help drivers to prepare as well as could also have eco-friendly benefits if drivers switch off their engines.

9) As per some studies it is mainly found out that red lights timers have helped to lessen the probability of accidents due to traffic by half.

10) Traffic control systems made of wireless solar traffic light eliminates cabling and road trenching.

11) Wireless control systems operates on non-conventional source of energy i.e, solar. These are capable to deliver backup up to 3 incessant cloudy days.

12) There are many profits of using wireless systems as they doesn’t have any effect of climatic condition, Prevention from corrosion and the best advantage is No Electricity bills.

With time there are continuous advancements and we will experience more safety and comfort on roads.