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The simple tricolor icon, which are known as traffic lights stand tall and proud at almost every road junction to put a control to the hurrying vehicles and motors. Originally, invented by a Detroit policeman named Lester Wire to warn pedestrians of the impending transition, the three color icon have been enduring the traffic turmoil for over a century now. The traffic lights have undergone series of changes, thanks to the incorporation of modern technology into the display of the traffic signals.

A traffic signal demands reliability 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Replacing incandescent traffic signal lights with LED traffic lights would save energy dramatically and maintenance costs. The long life LED systems are an ideal replacement to control the busy intersections. Unlike the incandescent signal lights, the LED traffic lights are energy efficient and are green certified. These lights use less than 10% of the power and can pay for themselves operating for more than ten years without having to change the bulb. The LED lights are an efficient built from rugged polycarbonate that are designed to resist years of outdoor use providing reliable services that the traffic signal demands of.

When managing pedestrian traffic, there is no room for error and this is why LED pedestrian lights are recommended rather than the conventional incandescent modules. The environment friendly LED pedestrian modules make sure that the pedestrian traffic flows smoothly and safely even after hours of operations.

The LED pedestrian lights offers you a significant energy and maintenance cost savings. With the latest LED technology, these lights can maintain 70% of the initial lumen intensity even after 100,000 hours of their operation. With an excellent moisture and dust resistance, these are built with state-of-the-art technology and possess unmatched reliability to control the pedestrian traffic.

Traffic countdown timer at all intersections is a boon for the drivers standing at a signal and when they are powered by the energy efficient LED, the benefits get doubled. Along with eliminating the road rage, the LED powered traffic countdown timers have excellent luminous ability to give your account of the time you need to wait at the segment while you rest your head for a while.

Thanks to the changing but upgrading technology, it has successfully eliminated several pitfalls in the conventional traffic signal system. With the introduction of the wireless solar traffic light control system, the traffic scenario has undergone a drastic change. The wireless solar control has intelligence to control lights and countdown timers and have self-power channels through the use of solar panels. They are wireless which eliminates the need for road trenching and cabling. The best part is they provide power back up, can work up to three continuous cloudy days.