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We all have seen those blinking red, green and yellow lights at almost every ending and intersection to put the howling traffic at check. Since decades, these have been symbolic of the traffic signal maintaining a controlled crossing and a congestion proof road network. The traffic light forms a major part of a state’s safety and a major consumer of power and energy of the same. All kudos to the newer and innovative approaches of the modern technology, several disadvantages associated with the conventional traffic signal modules have been removed.

The LED traffic lights have been incorporated with innovative optical technology to provide an energy efficient and environment friendly approach to the existing traffic signal control system. The LED powered traffic lights would ensure nothing but superiority and reliability in their use. With a wider viewing angle and enhanced uniformity as compared to the conventional incandescent traffic lights, the LED traffic lights are engineered to meet the application demands of the present traffic signal module. These lights possess excellent moisture and dust resistance capability along with a high grade thermal management quality.

Managing pedestrian traffic is quite tough and challenging and hence requires a high ended control module that can only be afforded with a LED pedestrian light. The LED powered pedestrian signal modules give you proven reliability and well established advantages in comparison to the incandescent while synchronizing the movement of motors and people. The LED pedestrian lights are a go- green approach with their energy efficient engineering, longer life and eliminates maintenance hassles at the same time.

When it is time to control the outrageous traffic, the traffic countdown timer always helps. You ask a traffic expert about the benefits of a LED operated countdown timer and he is sure to arrive with a long list. An innovatively designed traffic countdown timer with LED incorporations is sure to end road rage, claim many a designers and traffic experts. With their excellent functionality and longer life, these timers do have the energy efficient quality of the LED imbibed in them.

The wireless solar traffic lights have totally transformed the look of the traffic signal modules. The wireless approach and the self- power model has successfully contributed to put the raging traffic on check. The use of 2.4GHz wireless technology has eliminated cabling and retrenchment on the roads. The most wonderful thing with the wireless solar traffic light, no electricity bills. They use energy efficient and low power consumption LED lights to control the traffic at every intersection. The use of solar panels make them pay for themselves and environment friendly. A host of new and improved features comes with easy installation and low maintenance.