Traffic lights are appliances employed in road junctions or pedestrian passages to manage vehicular traffic & keep walkers safe. They’re extremely helpful for orderly & nonstop movement of pedestrians and vehicles throughout heavy traffic over the roads. They undoubtedly play a crucial role in supervising the traffic throughout peak hours without the presence of a traffic policeman. Contemporary traffic lights came into action from the early twentieth century.


There’re 3 phase & 4 phase traffic lights in use. Usually, a traffic signal structure has 3 lights. A green illumination on the base of the signal light hoard designates the traffic to go on; a yellowish illumination in the middle notifies traffic to slow & get ready to stop; and a red illumination on the top notify the traffic to stop.

Conventionally, traffic lights have luminescent halogen bulbs. And these traffic lights use a big amount of energy. They’re controlled by microcontrollers. However, with the introduction of light emitting diodes (LEDs), these conventional traffic lights are being substituted with LED Traffic lights. The prime benefits of LED traffic lights are:

• They’re brighter

• They save energy

• They’ve a longer life-span

LED lights consumer 83% less energy compared to incandescent bulbs. Relying on the color and size, they consume between eight and twenty-five watts of energy. However, in the case of luminescent halogen bulbs, their power consumption is between 67 & 150 watts.

Most contemporary LED traffic lights have numerous supplementary gains over luminous traffic lights. Not like traditional incandescent lights, they don’t employ reflectors. They’re more visible & have superior light intensity. Also, they’ve the capability to soak up sun rays that gets into the lenses.

Until recently, use of LED traffic lights needed huge investment as far as reliability, operation and costs are concerned. However, with the advanced technology, LED traffic lights have established to be cost effective & a viable answers to save power. Traffic light are needed all through the day. LED traffic illuminations are more effective and save power worth millions of dollars a year.

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