LED Traffic Light Controller – A Cost Saving Option


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Traffic lamps are also called as road traffic lights, stoplights, stop and go lights, which are signaling gadgets positioned at road junctions, everyday pedestrian crossing & other areas to control flow of traffic. Traffic lamps can be seen in several places worldwide. Traffic light provides a proper way to the road users in different ways. Traffic light module employs a global color code so that comprehending the signal shouldn’t be an issue.

Traffic light controller:

The prime goal of traffic light controller is to offer control & coordination to make sure that traffic moves as safely and smoothly as feasible. This project employs LED lights for signal purpose & a microcontroller is employed for robotic change of indications at specific range of time intervals. Traffic LED light gets mechanically activated & deactivate by making corresponding port pin of the microcontroller “HIGH”.

A prototype of traffic light control system is made by using Infra-Red sensors along with major components Microcontroller and LEDs which are used for controlling traffic signals based on the density of the traffic. The junction taken into consideration is a four-side junction with the traffic flow on each side is only in one direction. This traffic light control system consists of the following three main components:

Display Unit: It consists of 3 LEDs: Green, Red and Orange on each side of the junction– a total of 12 LEDs of three colors are placed at the junction.

Detector Unit: It consists of a combined arrangement of photo diode and IR LED at every junction for detecting the presence of vehicles based on the change in resistance.

Controller Unit: This control unit contains a microcontroller which receives the output data from the IR Sensors and controls the glowing of LEDs based on the programming.

This traffic light control system works on the concept of fixed time allocation at each side of the junction which cannot be changed as per varying traffic density. Timings allotted at every junction are fixed .Sometimes higher traffic density at one side of the junction demands longer time duration for green signal compared to the standard allotted time.

Today you can find traffic light manufacturers that are readily offering high quality LED traffic lights at an affordable price. No doubt LEDs are the best option when it comes to saving energy and environment saving. Since Traffic light employs a large portion of space in our city, they must be replaced with environment friendly traffic control options such as LED light.

Led Arrow Board – The Best Safety Gift For Your City



LED arrow boards are the latest introduction to the traffic control lamps that are used where a lane is closed & traffic should combine with other traffic in a contiguous lane. Manufacturers have many arrow board options to fit your work zone safety requirements.

Well, LED arrow boards are short-term traffic control devices employed to control traffic, provide advanced warning of lane closures, or guide traffic through work zones or a traffic congested area. Although they are used more for directional warning or guidance, they can be used for their caution display modes. Be cautious of your surroundings, and obey all warning and traffic control signs/devices. They may just save your life; after all, they are there for safety reasons.

You must have come across arrow signs in your street’s traffic light lamp. Traffic safety is the prime functionality of these small devices. They are just perfect for residential areas and two-lane roads. Its small size makes it easy to tow and its see-through design keeps pedestrians safe. Furthermore, they are also perfect for highways and roadwork zones.

The best thing is they provide a safe method for analyzing traffic patterns using different technologies. By seeing the arrow board we also recognize whether to go left or go right, merge left or merge right. From safety point of view traffic led lamps are the best gift your city can get.

For safety reasons, proper placement of the Arrow Boards is an essential component in setting up the work zone. It is very important to locate the arrow display an accurate distance from the roadwork to allow appropriate reaction time by approaching drivers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, where the shoulder is narrow, the arrow display should be located in the closed lane. The effective placement of arrow boards is contingent on sight visibility; attention must be paid to the road geometry and speed of the roadway when determining placement. For multiple lane closures, the arrow board should be placed at the beginning of the taper.

LED Highway & Traffic Lights Are In Trend


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Transportation specialists, traffic safety engineers, and auto makers have made significant advances in automobile & highway safety over the last 20 years. Municipalities and road planners are poised to make another significant jump in highway safety as they choose new LED highway lights or substituting existing highway lighting with advanced LED technology.

LED lights can be assembled to generate incomparable beam regularity with decreased glare:

Consistent light rays across an entire highway surface offer motorists or drivers with the clearest image of highway states with no black sports or dimly lit regions. LED traffic signs can be assembled in a variety of narrow to broad ray distributions to produce even road surface appearance that are simple for motorists to navigate & that terminates any requirement for a motorist’s eyes to frequently readjust to variable dark and bright lighting. LED units can also emphasize illuminating more directly on highways, decreasing high contamination that may have negative impacts on neighborhoods close to highways & on creatures whose diurnal patterns might be allocated by highway lamps. Conventional metal halide and high pressure sodium fixtures don’t have the manifold optic choices, for example lens diffusers, dimpled optic lenses and custom colour control that are accessible with LED fixtures.These options decrease lighting glare that disturbs drivers & that might make them blind for a short period which eventually lead to road & traffic hazards.

LED highway lighting units can be luminated rather quickly as soon as they get activated. And this is very much important at dust & during bad weather condition or when natural light is limited. LED lighting units can also be programmed to respond to restricted daylight light conditions. Overall, motorists will have appropriately lit highways all through the day with quality LED highway lighting.

Highway lighting units are revealed to climate, traffic, and environmental extremes that can prompt untimely lighting breakdowns & degraded illumination over time. However, advanced LED luminaries can resist these extremes to afford consistent performance over a long span of time with little or no delay. Since LED fixtures are more durable, they supply continuous operation with lesser maintenance difficulty. Modular mini traffic lighting fixtures are also more easily fixed with shorter downtimes compared to typical highway lighting.

Today you can most of the high profile cities have installed traffic signal LED and high bay lighting in their regions. The cost and power saving nature and wonderful functionalities of LEDs have made them first choice of lighting in the traffic and high-bay areas.

LED Traffic Light Controllers Are The Answer To Today’s Heavy Traffic



Traffic lights enable utmost vehicle competence at intersections. Also, they offer an easy and safe to comprehend signal that notifies motorists when it’s secure for them to go through a traffic intersection.

Without any type of signal to notify them when it’s secure to go through a traffic intersection motorists or driver would be very baffled, particularly at active intersection. There’d be also a pretty large number of traffic mishaps as the consequence of the uncertainty. Traffic light controllers are color coded, timed lights that notify drivers when they must stop, slow down or go through a junction. Traffic signal controllers are typically colored green, red and yellow. Often traffic lamps also include arrow signs for turn pavement. The timing of signal on traffic lights assist planners in acquiring maximum output at active junctions, which greatly decreases traffic issues. Since only 1 vehicle can move at a time via a “Stop” sign, they’re not perfect for active junctions when it is essential for more than one vehicle to be provided clearance at a time. It is also not necessary to know how to read to understand a traffic light. It is only necessary to know the significance of the different colored lights.

Traffic lights also can be controlled remotely to maximize traffic flow at junctions, particularly at peak times or in the case of a mishap or roadworks. They also can be connected with public transport vehicles such as buses & trams in order to ensure priority right of way for public transport.

Well, traffic control is the most important thing if we want to avoid any type of road mishap. We should obey the rule whenever you drive a bike or car. The introduction of LED traffic signal has certainly made a revolution in the traffic control industry. These light are not just effective in terms of power saving they are also quite reasonable when compared to their lifespan with the incandescent traffic lights. In fact they last ten times longer than the typical traffic lights, hence make a great choice for traffic control. Apart from that LED traffic lights are also environment- friendly as they don’t have mercury inside them. They also produce much brighter light than the traditional incandescent bulbs making them ideal for traffic use. When you can see thing clearly on the road without any glare you certainly more aware about what is going around you, hence drive safely.

Led Traffic Countdown Timers Are Quite Useful In Every Perspective



Traffic Signals offer maximum control at intersections. They relay messages of both what to do and what not to do. The primary function of any traffic signal is to assign right-of-way to conflicting movements of traffic at an intersection. This is done by permitting conflicting streams of traffic to share the same intersection by means of time separation. By alternately assigning right of way to various traffic movements, signals provide for the orderly movement of conflicting flows. They may interrupt extremely heavy flows to permit the crossing of minor movements that could not otherwise move safely through an intersection.

When properly timed, a traffic signal increases the traffic handling capacity of an intersection, and when installed under conditions that justify its use, a signal is a valuable device for improving the safety and efficiency of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. In particular, signals may reduce certain types of accidents, most notably, right-angle (broadside) collisions. You can see those glittering LED countdown timers that are readily installed in many intersections. LED traffic countdown timers are quite useful when it comes to guiding the traffic in the safest possible manner. Made of high quality LED timer countdown used in traffic intersections give signals to the motorists when to stop and when to leave.

Sometimes in freezing winter and sometimes in sultry summer, sometimes in sunny days and sometimes in rainy days, the working environment for traffic lights is relatively harsh, thus traffic lights has higher requirement for stability. General lights with incandescent bulbs have an average life expectancy of 1,000 hours, while halogen light bulbs have 2,000 hours, so the resulting maintenance costs are high. LED traffic lights lifespan is about 80,000 hours and do not suffer from damages caused by filament shocks or glass broken problems.

LED traffic signals help regulate vehicle movement at junctions or you can say they allocate Right of Way for each direction. Signals aren’t necessary when the vehicle numbers are very low, but when the number of vehicles increases close to the capacity of the road, then they control the vehicle movement possibly reducing road rage or even pollution(since vehicles can turn off the engines during red).

Traffic signals are actually supposed to create platoons of vehicles (grouping), so individual vehicles don’t travel at high speeds and cause danger to pedestrians at crossings. Nevertheless, traffic signal is the most important thing in our life and we must obey them to avoid any kind of mishap.

LED Display Signs Are The Perfect Digital Promotion For Your Business


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Digital signages have turned out to be an en excellent way to bring the attention of passing traffic. LED signs are growing in popularity worldwide because of their influential effect with ambiance, brightness and long range visibility.

One major thing that distinguishes LED signs apart from other signage is their remarkable brightness. The brilliant luminosity of LED light is simply hard for anybody to miss seeing it. You can easily see them at places such as pubs, retail stores, night clubs, and shopping malls & even business buildings looking to boost their reach to reach prospective consumers. You may have also come across LED gas signs used in your nearest fuel pump. LED gas price display helps both customers and owner in several ways as it help the customer to get the right reading when fueling their vehicle tank whereas LED gas display help the owner by allowing them to manage the fluctuating gas price digitally instead of manually. And that eventually saves them extra labor costs.

Listed below are a few of the most important benefits of LED display signs:

• Appealing brightness, cuts through the marketing noise

• Gives something to notice effortlessly compared to overused posters and LCDs

• Capitalize on impulse buys & walkthrough traffic

• A new and unique way to engage customers

• New touch points for customer engagement

• Can alter messaging & graphics inside seconds

• Custom & targeted messaging to your consumers

• Low upkeep & high durability

• Can be remotely operated using the Internet

• Sizing & customization options

• LED display signage can replace practically any typical signage

LED display signages are helpful to nearly any kind of business when employed in the proper way. Being inventive and developing new & interesting ways to grab your consumers’ attention is the secret to incorporating interactive displays into your business & increasing engagement.

Fitting LED display signs won’t instantly boosts interactivity with your consumers. Just like with any other communicative display media, the signage that you’re using & the message that’s being displayed require to be in alliance with what your consumers are seeking.

Buying LED display sign is now a lot easier than ever before since a lot of online retailers have emerged in the recent years. You can buy these lighting options online at a wholesale rate which gives you great saving. You must take advantage of LED display signs no matter what type of business you are operating.

Led Module Traffic Signal – A Perfect Choice For Busy Traffic


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LEDs are the most advanced standard in traffic signals, mainly due to the Energy Policy Act of 2005 which set minimum standards for energy efficiency in traffic signal and pedestrian modules. The “Vehicle Traffic Control Signal Heads: Light Emitting Diode (LED) Circular Signal Supplement” specification effectively addresses the physical, mechanical, photometric, & electrical requirements for LEDs, encompassing environmental requirements for protecting LEDs from dust and moisture intrusion, including blowing rain. One of the unintended consequences of the transition to LED module traffic signals lenses/indications is the fact that LEDs do not generate heat to the traffic signal lens or face of the traffic signal display. Therefore, LEDs do not provide a “melting” element to traffic signals in the northern climates that experience snow and ice conditions.

Although LEDs typically have a much higher purchase price, they are far more energy-efficient and longer lasting than their conventional counterparts which leads to lower total costs when factoring in electricity savings and reduced maintenance and disposal costs. When compared to available alternatives, LED traffic signal modules are often the best cost value choice because they offer improved visibility; low power consumption, infrequent maintenance and replacement, and, unlike HPS and other mercury-containing street lights, contain no hazardous components that require special care.

Traffic management professionals around the world are leaving maintenance intensive and energy hungry incandescent lamps by the curb and heading for the robust, high-reliability advantages that LED signal head offer. With up to 90 percent energy savings and a long-rated life, LED signals outshine incandescent traffic signals and offer significant advantages in dealing with sun phantom, light uniformity and color washout issues. Designed for direct retrofit or OEM applications, LED traffic signals are available in designs that can meet current ITE, Caltrans and other key geographic standards.

Sometimes in freezing winter and sometimes in sultry summer, sometimes in sunny days and sometimes in rainy days, the working environment for traffic lights is relatively harsh, thus traffic lights has higher requirement for stability. General lights with incandescent bulbs have an average life expectancy of 1,000 hours, while halogen light bulb have 2,000 hours, so the resulting maintenance costs are high. LED traffic lights lifespan is about 80,000 hours and do not suffer from damages caused by filament shocks or glass broken problems.

From every perspective LED traffic signals are the best option – be it for a busy traffic junction or lesser one. They will definitely create a new revolution in the traffic lighting industry in the near future.

What Makes Led Price Signs Much Better Than Typical Neon Signs?


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When it is about buying illuminated sign for your business – be it a gas station or grocery store you’ve 3 main options: fluorescent, neon or LED. Both fluorescent and neon have a long history & have established themselves dependable, yet recently LEDs have acquired attention for their vibrant & creative displays to attract customers.

Listed below are a few reasons why LED lights are a better option for your business signage needs:

Longer life:

LEDs can exist as long as 50 thousand to 100,000 hours, which is a complete three to six year longer compared to neon and fluorescent. Not just do they exceed other lamps, but because they do not have any fumes that may lea out & prompt dimness, they also sustain a superior level of brightness all through their lifespan.

Attractive brightness:

The most important thing that distinguishes LED signage from other signage is their remarkable brightness. LED light is distinctive in that it generates an exceptional, yet clear illumination that’s simple to read both from a distance and close up. Furthermore, it stands our courageously in the night & is intense enough to see even when the sun is gleaming. This denotes regardless of what time of the day and what the weather condition is the people or customers driving past your business can have clear view of signage’s logo or message. This is why you can see LED gas price display in most of the fuel station today. LED gas price signs are also useful for the sales person of a fuel station as well as it help them to get rid of changing prices every day manually.

Improved appearance:

If you’ve ever owned a neon or fluorescent sign, you know it can sometimes feel like a constant battle keeping the sign fully lit and with consistent brightness. Unavoidably it seems like one or more lights always needs replacing or is dimmer than the rest of the sign. This can pose a problem, since a dim, or half-lit sign sends a poor message about your business, and leads customers to believe you’re not conscientious.

LEDs eliminate much of this problem, because their long life and efficient technology keeps them illuminated far longer and more uniform than traditional lights. This is why business owners think led price signs are the most important aspect to grab the attention of their customers.

So, invest on LED price sign product and you will definitely see result within few days.

LED Traffic Warning Lights VS Regular Warning Lights


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On its face, LED warning signs looks more costly compared to typical emergency or warning lights used in traffic, but that’s because a lot of consumers don’t completely comprehend the advantages & savings of LED warning signs in traffic area.

For instance, if you were to purchase a unit of 100 X-CSE LED bulkhead lights at £21.00 per unit you would have a primary expense of £2,100.00 in comparison to £1,400.00 for a typical lighting unit. At first look as though the LED warning light will cost you £700 more compared to the typical lighting unit. But with a bit more research you’ll immediately notice why LED traffic warning light is the best option.

A LED light feature a wattage of just 3W in comparison to 17W to a regular lamp. Added up over the year, a LED lamp would employ 1314 KWH as opposite to 7446 KWH for the typical lighting. If you measure the price of the electrical energy at £0.11 per KWH LED lamps would save us a hooping £674.52 per year. Our saving in a week with LED traffic warning sign would be £14.05, so following one year & two weeks the primary extra expense would have been disbursed back. After that you would persist to save on your energy bill every week, month & year.

LED diodes also gain from longer lifetime in comparison to typical lamps with a standard of fifty thousand hours compared to thirty thousand hours for a regular T8 fluorescent lamp. If you consider one replacement lamp per light into your equations, the regular lighting would cost you a supplementary £190.00 throughout their lifespan.

Other advantages that LED Traffic warning signal has over typical fluorescent lighting include:

• Free of flickers: While not noticeable to our naked eye, fluorescent lamps flash enough to prompt headaches. However, LEDs don’t flicker at all.

• Free of mercury: Not like fluorescent lamps, LEDs don’t feature mercury in them, making them more eco-friendly.

• Directional lighting: A fluroscent lamp casts illumination in every direction, much of them are wasted actually. However, LED illumination is more directional hence you can gain from lower brightness outcome from the same result.

With all these benefits there is no reason today not to use good quality LED warning lighting in the high traffic areas. They are also a good choice for low traffic areas as well as they are well illuminated to guide the foot walker or pedestrians.

How To Deal With The Uncontrollable Traffic Situation In Your City


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One of the greatest frustrations of city life is traffic, especially the bumper-to-bumper traffic that clogs the roads and pollutes the air. Unfortunately, this daily tribulation experienced by millions of city people is showing no signs of improvement. The situation is the same all over the world. In China, several thousands of motorists in a recent report were said to be trapped in a traffic jam that was about 100 kilometers long. In Texas, administrators have reported that congestion has grown everywhere all over the cities. In Mexico city a 20 kilometer drive through the city center can take over 4 hours longer than it would take the average pedestrian to walk the same distance.

Since cars sell much more quickly than the rate the government can build roads, a rapid growth in the number of vehicles can overwhelm even the best road system. Presently, building new roads or expanding existing ones no longer reduce the intensity of peak hour traffic congestion to any extent

Here are some ways how to manage traffic efficiently in cities:

• Government should continuously invest huge sum of money in updating public transportation, improving highways, building ring roads or beltways and maintaining the existing ones.

• Complete ban of heavy duty vehicles from entering the city center during peak hours.

• The use of computerized system to control traffic signal lights and to alerts police to handle accidents bottleneck quickly.

• For longer distances individuals can help by opting to join public transport. Government should continuously improve the bus, metro, and rail system

• Government should provide special bus lane and lanes that change direction according to traffic needs. Individuals should also contribute to solving the problem by taking a walk or cycling on short distances.

• Government should provide a public car park system at every 2 kilometer distance. Cars with one person should be denied entrance into the cities on peak hours while cars with 2or more persons should be allowed into the city.

• Government should use LED traffic light for saving energy cost and better handling the traffic. LED traffic signals are more competent in every perspective in comparison to the typical traffic lights.

• Commuters should always have control over the time they want to travel by trying to avoid rush hour traffic and the associated impatience

Finally, individual should take responsible measure by displaying courtesy and patience towards other drivers, this will help to control the trial of traffic in our cities.